Cambodia is another tourist destination that most people will spend their vacation. You may not have visited the place, but you should visit Cambodia soonest possible. The place if filled with nice places that are breathtaking and surrounded by nice people. There are many reasons why you should visit Cambodia. Some of the reasons to visit the best of cambodia:

Historic places

In Cambodia, many historic places have been preserved for the tourists. Some of the historic sites are Angkor Wat that is the biggest monument ever built, Ta Prohm temple and much more. The place is well guarded, and you will get a guide who will explain more on the occurrences and the reason of the historical places.


There is food known as a khmer food that is prepared nicely by the residents of Cambodia. Rice is their staple food and is served in plenty for almost all the meals. The most famous Khmer is fish amok. It is white fish that is steamed in banana leaf and topped on with coconut cream. When pork is prepared, they serve it with rice or noodles.


Cambodia is the place that you will visit and come home with you pockets still loaded. The lifestyle in the place is very cheap hence becoming more affordable. The food and the resorts in Cambodia are cheap and the means of transportation too. Having fun and at the same time spending less is the best thing you want to achieve. In Cambodia, this is whatever that will happen.


Every time you want to go out for a vacation, a beach is always on your list. In Cambodia, there are untouched beaches that are outlined with the white sand. The Thailand beach that is well know is located in this place. You can attend your yoga classes that are offered at the beach with the cool breeze around.

Backpacking Tips That You Should Know

Backpaking is something that you opt to know so that you can make your hiking a good one in such a way that you will enjoy it. Some of the thing that you will need to keep into consideration are back packing tips that will be discussed in this article for you.

The first and foremost thing that you will need to put into consideration is the place that you will be hiking to so that you will know what you will require. In this case you will need to know what weather you like best so that you will be able to pick a place that you will go to.

Time of the year is the other thing that you will need to put into consideration so that you will be able to do your backpacking as well.

The distance is also something else that you will need to know whenever that you are backpacking as well.