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Tomato Variations

A Simple And Straightforward Way To Celebrate a Meal That Comes Along With Different Options And Choices.

Dry Aged Beef Ribeye

The Most Popular Option That Is Going To Set Well With Your Taste Buds And Leave You At a Happy Place. 

Club Sandwich

Call It The Hangout Meal Or Anything That You Like Because It Is Here To Catch Hold Of Your Taste Buds. 


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Hit These Coasts to Try Out Some Delicious Shore Bites!

Delicious Shore Bites

It’s that time of the year, the longed holiday season. It’s summer, grab your flip flops, that swimsuit you bought it from the website and hit the beach. When the shimmering sun hit your sun-blocked skin, in that relaxed, tanned position facing the blue-lit sky, you might wonder what to grab to feed the horse that is galloping inside your tummy. If you are looking for something other than deep-fried, buttery, drizzled, or ever gravy form, this is the best place you would find some. You can rely on this article to get more knowledge on what to eat while surfing the coasts. Let’s dive in to get an idea of what we are dealing with here.

  1. Lobster Roll in Kennebunkport, ME

Lobster Roll in Kennebunkport

Imagine you are visiting Maine, and crave for lobster cuisine; the best way to eat one at Maine is nothing but to perfectly place cold lobster, combined with a touch of mayo and served on a New England split-top bun, which is buttered and toasted. To get one of the best around the plate, you can hit to the no-frills Clam Shack, Kennebunkport. The meat from the lobster that consists of one-pound will merely cost you $ 17 only, and it is guaranteed that after one soft bite, you will never regret the choice you just made.

  1. Salt Water Taffy in Atlantic City, NJ

Saltwater taffy bite was born in the 1880s and ever since its birth it has changed the facet of Jersey Shore! You can try out the salty-sweet stuff any seashore places you visit, but there are places like family-owned 130-year-old Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy and James’ Salt Water Taffy, in Atlantic City. You will get a lot of flavors from blueberry, sour cherry, watermelon, peanut butter and jelly, cookie dough, and the list gets bigger and bigger.

  1. Fish Taco in Maui, HI

Hawaii is famous for its beaches and shirt as much as it is renowned for its plate grilled, fried fish, or fish that is piled on a soft flour tortilla. The taste gets better each time you grab a bite. The tacos that are available in Maui is equally as tasty and remarkable like the islands.


  1. Alcapurrias in Culebra, PR

Famous for its deep-fried and stuffed speciality, Alcapurrias in Culebra is one of the best places that serve delicious fritter dish. The dough is slightly sweet, which is combined with mashed green bananas and the grated yautia. It surrounds a savory combination of picadillo, which is spiced ground beef that is served in a grab-n-go snack bag.

  1. Açaí Berry Smoothie in Rio, Brazil

One of the best-proclaimed earth’s superfoods, Açaí palm is the native of Brazil. The berry that is attained from the palm can be seen everywhere. It is used to make cosmetics, cocktails, and many other items, including oils.

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